Natchez Powwow



Craft Trader Booth Fee: $170 

Food Vendor Fee $220    

“Early Bird” Discount: Subtract $20 if postmarked on or before Feb. 28

There are no restrictions this year on types of foods or drinks offered by food vendors (except no alcohol). Other vendors are asked to sell American Indian related items. 

This is a Saturday and Sunday two day event.

Send this form with a check or money order made out to:

NATCHEZ POWWOW      131 Jefferson Davis Blvd. Suite F  Natchez, MS 39120    601-442-0200

Name of Trader and/or Contact Person: ___________________________________________________

Name of Company: ___________________________________________________________________

Mailing Address: __________________________City: _________________ State: _________ Zip: _____

Home or Work Phone (           ) __________________________Cell: (          ) ________________________ 

Email Address: ____­___________________________________________________________

List below the type of items you plan to sell. We are limiting traders to stick with Native American related items that would be appropriate and of interest to powwow attendees.

The powwow grounds are in a large field so there is really no limit to the size of booths, but please list how much room you would like to have so we can have an idea of how to set up the trader areas: _____________________________________________________________________________________

We do ask that each trader business pay the trader fee. In other words we don’t want two large trader businesses to team up just to avoid paying the fee. The fee is a relatively small amount and is used to cover expenses involved with putting on the event. This is not a profit making event for anyone other than our traders. All vendors must provide their own electricity by generator. In the case of bad weather, there is an indoor site for the powwow including limited space for traders to set up indoors. Sometimes wet weather requires us to adjust the outdoor arrangement of trader booths. Weather sometimes requires us to adjust our schedule. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter. This fee is non-refundable. Please sign here to indicate that you have read and understand this information.

Your signature: _______________________________________________   Date: _____________________


TRADERS YOU CAN COPY, PASTE AND PRINT THE FORM LOCATED ABOVE and Mail with fee to Chuck Borum 131 Jefferson Davis Blvd Natchez, MS 39120


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